Join Our Year End Free Book Roundup

Hello Authors!
As the first year of monthly free book promotion comes to a close, we've decided that the best way to celebrate will be with a giant, weekend long free book event. We're inviting authors to submit up to 4 books for a four day event and this time, we're also going to be allowing a few 99¢ promotions as well.

Since this will be billed as an event instead of our regularly scheduled post, things will run a little differently. First, a post will be made a week in advance, giving readers a preview of what to expect and encouraging them to share this info with friends. One week later, the post will go up and subscribers will receive this in their email inbox.

The event will run from Thursday, December 6th through Sunday, December 9th.

Here are the rules for participation:

Each author may submit up to 4 books for consideration. A free book is required to participate. We want to have more free than discounted titles, so for each free book offered, we will accept one discounted book. Meaning you may submit one free book, one free book and one discounted book, two free books and one discounted book, two free books and two discounted books, three free books and one discounted book, or four free books.

Short stories are accepted and encouraged, but only as free offers.

Books must be available at the discounted or free price on Thursday, December 6th. Books may be discounted for any length of time from one day through the entire four day event, but the first day is required.

In order to maximize our reach, we will request that each participating author spread the news and share this event with their followers through social media, blog, or whatever method fits their communication style.

Our normal rules for acceptable content apply, meaning that we accept all fiction genres from children's to adult content, provided that there is no taboo subject matter, hate speak, or otherwise illegal content. Nonfiction genres of biography, memoir, literary essay, and poetry are also accepted.

Submissions will remain open until November 29th (one week prior to the event). An email confirmation will be sent out no later than Saturday, December 1st.

Please fill out one form for each book submission.


Don't miss a single free book announcement!