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Are you a bookworm? Do you subscribe to promo newsletters and eagerly download all the free books in your preferred genres? You do? GREAT! As an indie author who has used these promo sites to get my own books out in front of an eager audience, I can't thank you enough.

But what you may not realize is that these newsletters have specific requirements for promoted books. Most require a certain number of reviews, will only promote certain genres or exclude some outright, and very few will promote a short work. Some of this is quite understandable. When you have thousands of authors submitting books on a daily basis, it isn't possible to read each one and decide if they're a good fit for a particular audience. It's so much easier to quickly glance at a review ranking, check the genre, and decide if the cover looks like something readers will click.

Which leaves thousands of really good books to collect virtual dust just because they're not easy to market or lack the reviews needed to promote with the popular sites.

And that's why I've created Bookworms Discover. My goal is to help bookworms like yourself discover great reads from authors you might not have found otherwise. Best of all, the books we're offering will be free! 

Now, I know you've already got daily emails offering highly regarded freebies, so let me assure you that we're not trying to overwhelm you with too many choices. Here is how it works:

Bookworms Discover is not a daily newsletter.  

On the first Thursday of each month, we will post a list featuring no more than 30 free books by indie authors who have submitted their titles to us for consideration. Keep in mind that most of these will be temporarily free books and may only be available on that one day. We will display the cover, the buy links (books must be free on Amazon, but we will also provide Nook and Kobo links if available), and genre. You'll recognize that as the standard info most promo sites give. Aside from this, we will allow the authors to customize their genres rather than use broad categories, because more and more, books don't fit neatly into single genres.

We will also include social media links for any author who provides them to us. Our hope is that after reading (and hopefully enjoying) a book by a featured author, you'll be interested enough to check out more of their work, give them a follow, or perhaps even leave a review* so that one day, they might reach a bigger audience through those big name newsletters.

*Understand that you are under no obligation to review any of the books found here. While our goal is to expose readers to new authors, that is all. The books being offered here are free through the retailers, which means even if you are paying nothing, you are buying them and as the consumer, it is your decision as to whether or not you want to provide feedback to the retailer or share your thoughts via social sharing sites like Goodreads.

So you're not going to separate titles by genre?

No. Each monthly post will display all available books. As I said, the goal is to highlight books readers might not have found on their own. We're not going to discriminate against popular books if we have room when submitted, but priority will be given to lesser known titles. Our hope is that readers will consider all genres and pick up any and all books that look appealing to them.

If these books aren't flying off the virtual shelves, how do you know they're any good?

Well, good is subjective, but unlike the big guys with their daily newsletters and thousands of submissions, we have the time and means to dig a little deeper. Each book submitted must be available for purchase from Amazon at the time it is submitted. This will allow us to utilize their Look Inside feature and get a good idea as to the quality of the book offered. I must repeat, good is subjective, so we will not make any judgment based on the subject* or writing style, but we will be able to select books that are free from major formatting and typographical errors.

*regarding subject matter, we want diverse books in a myriad of genres, meaning we will feature some books that may be considered offensive to some. However, we will not feature books that contain hate speech, taboo subject matter, books that violate terms of service for any of the mentioned retailers, or any book that puts this site at risk of being hidden behind a content rating wall. 

One post? That's it? So if I subscribe to this page, I won't be flooded with notifications?

Unless we have any major news we'd like to share, yes, that's it. The idea is to offer a variety of books each month, but not so many books that you'll never read them all.

Sounds like a noble cause. What's in it for you?

Full disclosure: You'll likely see one of my own books being offered free each month. You'll also see books by the author who designed the mascot. You'll definitely see books by authors I've already read and enjoyed. But I'm a bookworm too, so I'm eagerly looking forward to getting submissions from even more authors I've personally never heard of. And if I'm being honest, I just like that there is this one thing I can do to help other struggling artists. If readership grows, it is possible we might expand to offer once a week listings, but I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, consider signing up to receive alerts.

How do I do that?

At the top of this page, and every page, is a subscribe button. By subscribing to this blog, you will receive notifications via email when a new post goes live. If you'd prefer not to get email, you can also follow Bookworms Discover on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to discovering new reads together!

Christina McMullen
Founding Bookworm & Indie Author


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