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Hey there fellow Indie! Have you written a book or twenty? Are you completely baffled as to how to get it in front of readers and tired of shouting "buy my book!" into the endless void of social media? You're not alone!

Marketing is daunting, takes a lot of time and energy, and is more of a gamble than most will admit. This is why I've created Bookworms Discover. I want to give a platform to good books that might not qualify for promotion on the larger newsletter sites due to review requirements, length, etc... and of course, I wanted to make this a free resource. 

Now, before you jump right down to the submission form, let me make one thing clear: We're a very small operation. We're scrappy, but we're still the little guys and we don't want anyone getting the false impression that we're going to make you rich.  But since we are small time, I'm also including this list of established resources that are less restrictive than some of the bigger sites. These are both free and paid promotion sites that have less strict requirements for what they will promote.

So what is it we do? In a nutshell:

On first Thursday of every month, Bookworms Discover features up to 30 free books by indie authors. The point of offering this monthly showcase is to gain exposure for books that might not otherwise qualify for a high profile promotion. We hope to give a little bit of a boost to indie books that might not otherwise make it into the spotlight, but we're not going to discriminate against anyone. Bestsellers are just as welcome as folks just starting out, but let's be real, bestsellers, you're probably not going to see a major surge in popularity from this site. There are thirty spots each month and we will prioritize books in need of exposure first.

 We do not have a requirement for number of reviews, rating, genre*, or length, but we do still have some rules.

*See that asterisk? That denotes a little bit of a gray area in regards to what we will and will not promote. All fiction books will be considered, including erotica, but we may refuse to display a cover if it contains images that would require this site to be hidden behind a content warning page (Google's rules, not ours). Bookworms Discover reserves the right to refuse a book based on content if it appears to include taboo subjects, hate speech, or is found to be in violation of the retailers' terms of service. Nonfiction books are accepted in the genres of literary essays, poetry, memoirs and biographies, and history. We will not feature cookbooks, how-to, self-help, or advice books at this time. 

Interested? Here's what you need to know:

While we won't be critical of content, we are looking for books that are well-written and presented.

We will check the book's Look Inside feature and make a determination based on what we see. Books with a number of typographical or formatting errors in the available sample may be rejected. We do allow short stories, but again, we need to be able to see an example of the story. If the front matter takes up the entire preview, that book is likely to be rejected.

As such, we require an Amazon link and the book must be available for purchase at the time it is submitted. 

This means books cannot be in pre-order status when submitted. Sorry.

We require books to be free for the entire 24 hour period (beginning at midnight pacific time) of the promo.

All authors may submit one book per month. We will allow authors to submit books every month, but the same book cannot be submitted in a six month period. 

We do not separate by genre and let you customize your own label.

The way we see it, if you want to write a steamy romance about dragon riding robots of the wild west, we will not make you shoehorn your book into romance, or sci-fi, or historical fiction, or whatever. We want our readers to know exactly what they're getting, so tell them what you're offering.

This promotion is for free books only.

Free books do not include titles that are only free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers or conditionally free (newsletter sign up, like and share, etc...). The price must be $0 on your retailer's website. You may make your book free through the Amazon KDP Select program or temporarily through your distributor (if that's an option), or you can submit a permafree book.

Real talk: We are not guaranteeing success. 

We are not guaranteeing that you will get even a single download, and we are definitely not guaranteeing reviews. Readers are encouraged to spread the word on books they enjoyed by whatever method they are comfortable with, but they are under no obligation to download, read, or even like your book, let alone review it.

This service is free, but we do ask authors to consider sharing our page with their readers. 

By doing so, we can grow our audience, which benefits all authors in the end. We will always cross-post to both Facebook and Twitter for maximum exposure.

If this sounds good to you, then fill out the form below.

Submissions close one week before the promotion is scheduled to go live and open again one week after the promotion has ended.

We're taking January off, but submissions are now open for our February 7th post!


  1. Thanks, Christina! You are a super writer and an all around good person! Just saw this and submitted "Boucher's World: Emergent". I'm not good with this stuff so I hope I did it correctly.

    1. Excellent! I'm sure you have! Can't wait for this first post to happen!

  2. Sorry, as KU will not allow a non-KU member to read free, I cannot participate. Counts out about half of all KU authors and most of the really good ones.

    1. Books must be free to all readers at the time of the promotion. As stated above and on the form, conditional freebies such as Kindle Unlimited, Instafreebie, or subscriber rewards are not allowed. Our goal here is to provide readers with a risk free way to discover new books by authors who may not have the means to use larger promotional sites. Authors may make their book free using KDP Select free days or if they have price matched their book. Nothing above is intended to exclude or include anyone.

  3. Hi Christina. I understand the first promotion is supposed to happen on January 4th. I submitted a book several weeks ago but haven't heard anything since. How do I know if it was accepted?

    Thanks.../E.A. Briginshaw

    1. From the terms in the submission form: You will be notified via email as to whether or not you book has been accepted no later than the Saturday preceding the promo date. If no email is received, please check your spam folder for an email from bookwormsdiscover at gmail dot com.

  4. I hope it's okay to submit another book since my other free book was on here for January, and here's hoping Amazon doesn't change my price on "Interruptions" - again! Normally it's permafree but saw one day last week they had changed it back to .99, then back to free this week.
    Again, thanks for the opportunity, Christine!

    1. You're good, Bea! You can submit a book every month. All I ask is six months between repeats. :-)

  5. Hi Christina,
    Thank you for doing this! I've just submitted my debut novel for consideration for March 2018 and will eagerly await your email! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Ok, so my ebook version of my manuscript came out this morning, so I added it to the list with my ASIN number. Thanks to Christina, for pulling this together, and thanks to Bookworms Discover. Looks like another hot day on the west coast of Canada.

  7. As an aside, I entered my paperback version by mistake earlier. I realized my mistake when I found out that only ebooks have ASIN numbers, ISBN numbers belong to print books. Sorry about the earlier mistake.


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