Bookworms Recommend: Celebrating Pride for June

June is Pride Month and the whole Bookworms Discover team firmly believes that equal rights are human rights. This month's selection of books all feature LGBTQ+ characters and themes. Of course, these five books are only a small sampling of the many fantastic-yet-unknown indie books tackling similar subject matter, so as always, we encourage our readers to search beyond the big names and bestsellers.
Happy Pride and Happy Reading!

Otherwise Perfect by Jenna Hughes
Otherwise Perfect by [Hughes, Jenna L.]

Grab a box of tissues and cancel your weekend plans because. Otherwise Perfect is a contemporary story that tackles themes of sexuality and mental health with heartbreaking accuracy. 

Shiva XIV by Lyra Shanti
Shiva XIV (The Shiva XIV Series Book 1) by [Shanti, Lyra]

Shiva XIV is a space fantasy with worlds as vibrant and full of exciting intrigue as anything Star Wars has given us, but with the one thing the popular franchise has been woefully missing: a sexually diverse cast of characters.

Rising from the Sand by Ria Fritz
Rising From the Sand (Quicksand Book 1) by [Fritz, Ria]

One of the biggest wish-list items we've seen is for books to have queer characters whose sexuality is not a plot point. This book grants that wish. Rising from the Sand is a classic sci-fi action story with a bit of noir pulp thrown in for good measure. 

Breakers of the Code by CB Archer
Breakers of the Code (The Anders' Quest Series Book 1) by [Archer, CB]

Our list wouldn't be complete without at least one NSFW romp and CB Archer will always be our go-to author for such works. Aside from being a humorous romp through a broken-in-a-sexy-way video game, this book and subsequent series and spin-offs does a bang-up job of respectfully representing the whole spectrum of sexuality.

Anything by Jamie Weaver
Anything by [Weaver, Jamie]
Anything is another fantastic contemporary work that focuses on the mental health aspects of sexuality, specifically, self-worth and the aftermath of abuse. 

Book-ending this list with two contemporary tales of sexuality and mental health was not unintentional. LGBTQ+ youth are at a higher risk of depression and self-harm. This month, in addition to checking out new books and supporting underrated authors, consider a donation to an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization like Human Rights Campaign or The Trevor Project.

Thanks and check back next month for a new list of books to discover!


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