Bookworms Recommend: April's Indescribable Reads

Hello and welcome to the first issue of Bookworms Recommend, our series of monthly book recommendations. Every month, we'll highlight a set of books within a similar theme. All of the books presented have been discovered, read, and highly rated by a member of the Bookworms Discover team or a guest contributor (we will always disclose which books have been rated by guests). If you've read an indie book that you feel deserves more attention than it's getting, let us know and we may feature your suggestion. In the interest of providing honest recommendations, we do not accept recommendations by authors for their own books, nor will we accept payment/barter/incentive in exchange for publicity. We only wish to highlight books that we truly believe deserve more recognition than they are getting.

We've decided to begin our series by highlighting the books that exemplify what makes independent publishing stand out from the crowd. Being able to write and publish a unique tale without regard to rigid genre parameters opens up a whole new world of possibilities, giving readers something more, something fresh, and the knowledge that there is always more to discover. Unfortunately, the downside to writing without restrictions is that most readers won't discover all of the best and most unique tales. Not just because they're so darned difficult to classify (which, truly, they are), but because they don't have the powerhouse marketing that the traditional and easy to classify stories have. Luckily for you, we did the digging, now all you have to do is the reading. So without further ado, here are three multi-genre books that defy all expectations, and qualify as a five star read by the Bookworms Discover Team.

Magic's Perdition by Melissa Jensen
Magic's Perdition by [Jensen, Melissa]

Description: Imagine if Miss Marple was a former government sorceress and shared her home with an orphaned dragon. Magic's Perdition is in every way a classic cozy mystery, but don't get too cozy. In addition to the requisite murders disrupting the cozy small town life, there's that dragon and all of the tormented baggage he brings from his former master. Part family drama, part dark fantasy, all page-turning action. 

Closest Genres: Fantasy, Family Drama, & Cozy Mystery (with a dash of adolescent dragon sass)

Stellar Visions: Book One of The Coven Kindle Edition by Bridgett Kay
Stellar Visions: Book One of The Coven by [Kay, Bridgett]

Description: On the surface, Stellar Visions feels like a gothic romance, complete with the requisite ghost of the former house mistress looming over the young protagonist's head, but soon the paranormal elements elevate from magical realism into the realms of supernatural. And yet, throughout, there's an underlying theme of scientific exploration and uncovering the rational in a world dominated by superstitious religious beliefs, that is somehow not at odds with the paranormal aspects of the story. As this is the first in a series of four books (to date), we must warn that you're likely to binge read them all.

Closest Genres: Gothic Romance, Alternate History, Hard Science Fiction, & Supernatural Fantasy  
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Root: The Liminality Book 1 by A. Sparrow
Root (The Liminality Book 1) by [Sparrow, A.]

Description: Root begins with an almost cautionary young adult message of grief, depression, and a series of poor decision leading to the protagonist falling into despondency, but here is where it blooms into a supernatural tale of not quite the afterlife, but the in-between.  What follows is part supernatural, part real life action, with a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure, but overall, it's a page turner that will have you reaching for the next in series.

Closest Genres: Young Adult, Dark Fantasy, Crime & Thriller, Paranormal Fantasy
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We do hope you check out our recommendations and if you do, we want to know what you think! Leave us a comment or better yet, leave a review with the retailer. We'll be back soon with May's recommendations.


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