Hello Bookworms! 
As we stated in our last monthly free book post, we're going through a bit of a redesign. Of course, that was back in February and we said we'd post an update within a week. 

Silly us.

However late, we are indeed posting an update. The goal of Bookworms Discover is still to bring underdog indie books to a wider audience. As such, the plan going forward will be to post a spotlight each month, highlighting a handful of authors our Bookworms Discover team has discovered on their own. Again, we won't have any kind of genre restrictions, but do note at the moment, the team is skewed towards sci-fi and fantasy, but we do plan to diversify. We're also hoping to bring in guest authors to talk about books they've discovered as well. Speaking of which, we've updated our For Authors page, so if you're an author, please check it out.

And of course, we will still have promotions, but instead of small monthly promos, we'll now have two huge promotions per year, likely in late summer and mid-winter. These will be larger scale, multi-day promotions quite like the end of year promotion we did back in the end of 2018.

Now, we do understand that this is not what you signed up for and that's okay. If you've subscribed to receive our updates via email and no longer wish to receive them, simply unsubscribe from the feed by clicking the option to do so at the bottom of the message. However, we'd really love it if you stuck around, discovered some new books, and better yet, spread the word to other bookworms who might be looking for a change of pace. 

Once again, thank you for sticking with us through our growing pains. We look forward to serving up our first list of suggested reads very soon! 


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