Meet Our August Authors

Last week we brought you a fresh batch of FREE books by independent authors. Today, we'd like to give you a chance to get to know them. Below you'll find a brief biography as well as contact information for each of the authors whose books we featured. Remember: Indie authors are approachable authors. Something as simple as a tweet or message saying "I liked your book" will put us over the moon. Of course, if you're inclined to share your opinions, both good or bad, with the rest of the world, consider leaving a review with the retailer where you purchased the book, or on Goodreads. But most of all, if you've liked a book you read here, tell others. Tell them about the book and about Bookworms Discover, because we've got more great free books coming to you next month!

Peri June
Author of Omitted
I'm a twenty-something girl. A nocturnal creature of the worst kind. Addicted to chocolate.
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CB Archer
Author of All Men's Space ~ In Space!: Bufik Lanet's Tale
CB Archer likes to write books and is looking for some good people that like to read books so that they can read the books that he wrote.
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Annals of Gentalia Official Website

Christina McMullen
Author of SELIA's Promise
Christina is an author, yes, but more than that, she's the owner of this website, which she would like to see thrive, grow, and continue to offer free books without charging a penny to authors, so please help her spread the word to both readers and authors everywhere!
Connect with Christina:
Vampires & Robots

Amy Martin
Author of In Your Dreams (In Your Dreams #1)
Amy Martin is the author of the young adult fantasy series In Your Dreams, as well as the young adult fantasy series The Perfects. When she isn't writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her ferocious attack cat.
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