Meet Our March Authors

Last week we brought you 7 FREE books by independent authors. Today, we'd like to give you a chance to get to know them. Below you'll find a brief biography as well as contact information for each of the authors whose books we featured. Remember: Indie authors are approachable authors. Something as simple as a tweet or message saying "I liked your book" will put us over the moon. Of course, if you're inclined to share your opinions, both good or bad, with the rest of the world, consider leaving a review with the retailer where you purchased the book, or on Goodreads. But most of all, if you've liked a book you read here, tell others. Tell them about the book and about Bookworms Discover, because we've got more great free books coming to you next month!

CB Archer
Author of Fallin: Rankin's Tale
CB Archer is a lovely elf who enjoys saying hello. Why not say hello to CB Archer? He will write you back!
Connect with CB:
Annals of Gentalia Official Website

K.A. Lentz
Author of The Reaper Realm: Threads of Compassion
Loving and laughing in eastern WA with my beautiful husband Mike and our spunky furbaby Sokka. Fanciful worlds are often the destination of my wandering, daydreaming mind, and sometimes they make it into story form for the enjoyment of others. As an author, nothing matters more to me than transporting my readers outside reality and moving them with the tale.
Connect with K.A.:

Gaia Sol
Author of Echoes of the Gods
Gaia Sol lives with her husband in Canada, where she works in technology, in the financial industry. Her pseudonym combines the Greek and Norse mythological equivalents of her real name and surname (she was very pleased when she came up with it).
Connect with Gaia:

Victoria Raschke
Author of Who by Water
Victoria Raschke is on her fifth career and her second book. When she isn’t roaming the backroads of Tennessee promoting farmers’ markets, she is writing at her home in Knoxville, or figuring out how to scrape together another trip to Slovenia. The third book in the Voices of the Dead Series, Like a Pale Moon, will be released in late 2018.
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Christina McMullen
Author of All the Nothing We've Done
Christina is a scifi and fantasy author who writes both serious and humorous books, but prefers life on the lighter side. She's a firm believer in doing the right thing over the profitable thing, which is one reason Bookworms Discover will always be a free resource to both authors and readers.
Connect with Christina
Vampires & Robots

Chess Desalls
Author of Glistens
Chess is currently taking a break from writing nonfiction by making up worlds and characters with similar problems and far more sparkle.
Connect with Chess:

Carmel Hanes
Author of Crooked Grow the Trees
I am a retired school psychologist who worked in public schools and detention centers, with students who struggled with learning or behavior issues. This novel is my first, and addresses the very real effect trauma has on us as humans.
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