November New Release-A-Palooza is HERE!

Are you ready for something new? 
Winter is coming (for those of you in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere at least) and that means time to cozy up with a good book! The Bookworm team has begun accepting submissions for our official launch in January. We can't wait to bring you 30 exciting titles each month! But that's still two months away. So for now, we're giving you a whole month of new releases in a variety of genres. Each title below is listed in the order of release date, along with any extra information (such as giveaways, FREE titles, or launch party events). Mark your calendars and do help us spread the word! And of course, don't forget to subscribe so that we can bring your 30 free books directly to your inbox each month!

November 1st
E.M. Swift-Hook & Jane Jago
Available now for $1.49

November 1st
Susan Segovia-Munoz
Available on November 1st for $4.99
Sweet Melissa (first book in series) is just 99¢

November 1st
H.E. Bulstrode
Available November 3rd for 99¢
Facebook event on November 4th

November 6th
Lyra Shanti
Available for pre-order now for 99¢
Facebook release party begins on November 5th and first three books in series will be free

November 9th
M. K. Williams
Available for pre-order for$2.99

November 9th
Victor Echo Tango Love
Multiple Author Anthology
Releases date price is 99¢ (regular price is $3.99)

November 10th
Christina McMullen
Available for pre-order for $3.99
A Space Girl from Earth (book one in the series) will be free on November 10th

November 20th
J. Daniel Layfield
Releases November 20th for $2.99
Spell Fade (book one in the series) will be free on November 20th

November 20th
Andria Stone
Releases November 20th for $2.99

November 29th
Shoshanah Marohn
Available on November 29th for $10


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