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Hello there, readers and writers! My name is...


...Well, this is awkward, isn't it? Here I am, the plucky mascot for Bookworms Discover, appropriately attired for a free book finding adventure with my spyglass polished to a shine, and I have no name by which to introduce myself. This seems a great and unforgivable oversight on the part of my creators, don't you think?

Would you be a dear and help me? What kind of a name do you think a great adventuring worm like myself would have? Is it a girl's name? Is it a boy's name? Should I be as ambiguously sexless as a true worm? Should my name be something adorably bookish or should I be named for a great literary adventurer from days of old?

This is where you come in. Give me your suggestions in the comments. Tell me what you think I should be called from here on out. We'll take all names* offered within the next month and compile them into a list to be voted upon. Depending on how many names we receive, this may be a single vote or we may do several rounds of voting. 

*Ahem, when I say all, I clearly mean all appropriate and family friendly names. I may be a fairly young mascot, but I live on the internet. I know what goes on here. Oh, and do refrain from using names of well-known celebrities and trademarked characters. As much as I'd love to be known as Oprah or Harry Potter, I'm not a wealthy worm. 

The winner gets the honor of naming me! Yes, I know, you were probably hoping for riches, but we must make a confession: hosting an online, merit based contest is not terribly easy from a legal standpoint. Especially one that is open to all countries. Since we want bookworms the world over to participate and engage with us, we are unable to offer a prize that would require geographical exclusions. But think of the honor, and the free books! Especially the free books! That's why you're here, isn't it?

In fact, while you are here, this would be a great time to tell you that we will be cross promoting the SIAFBB free and bargain book event on Friday, October 13th. Participating authors are just now submitting their titles, but already there are a good number of free and 99 cent books submitted. 

And of course, we must admit that we are still looking to reach more readers before our official launch in January of 2018. I may be a worm, but I'm an honest worm. My search for a name most certainly fills the need in my soul to be a someone, a worm to be remembered through the ages, but it also seems a fun way to draw some attention to the site, doesn't it?

So please, find me a name! Post your suggestions below, along with your name if you'd like recognition, and do tell others as I would love to have many name options to choose from. And don't forget to check back for the free and bargain book event on October 13th! We'll have an update on when voting for a name begins at that time as well.

Thanks and good luck,
The Woefully Unnamed Bookworms Discover Mascot.


  1. Replies
    1. Omg!! That was exactly my first thought! Seymour just fit!

  2. What about Theodore Phineas Bookworm? (or Teddy P.) Can someone suggest more than one name? 'Cause I can think of a whole lot more! :-)

  3. Okay, here we go - boy names: Bob, Eli, Chester, Mark, Marcus, Miles, Samuel, Thomas, Willie, Harlan, Nathan, Curlie, Tip, Stanley, Luke, Larry, Randy, Loquacious,...girl names: Rita (Reader), Tillie, Mildred, Merry, Sandy, Arbutus, Gladys, Rosie, Lizzie, Philomena, Priscilla, Cindy, Verbena, Gabby, Flower, Wendy, ...non-gendered or unisex names: Whisper, Sky, Murmur, Christie, Candle, Slinky, Seeker, Peek, ... WHEW! that's enough - for now! Good luck with the naming. :-)

  4. Tape, Ring, Earth, Flat, Heart, Cranjis McBasketball, Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico, Jury Prosciutto, Ja Crispy, Juggs McBulge, J. R. R. R. R. R. Tolkiens, Hingle McCringleberry, X-Wing @ Aliciousness, Wormy McWormface, Applechops St. Coolwhip, Grand Poobah Mugwump, the carpetbagging boll weevil, R. Michael Carmichael-Nearmichael-Farmichael, Antacid Burnhardt, Vatican Batman, Burt

  5. Freebie or Freebee 😁

  6. Norm (or Norman) the Bookworm, Frankly Frank, Chris T. Pher the Bookworm Discoverer

  7. Robert J. Bookworm

  8. Some entries that have come in via newsletter and Facebook:
    Inspector Denver
    Booker T. Worm

  9. I was thinking about "Paige Turner" too corny??

  10. Wow! We have so many names to choose from already, but there's still time! Keep 'em coming!


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