Bookworms Recommend: Celebrating Pride for June

June is Pride Month and the whole Bookworms Discover team firmly believes that equal rights are human rights. This month's selection of books all feature LGBTQ+ characters and themes. Of course, these five books are only a small sampling of the many fantastic-yet-unknown indie books tackling similar subject matter, so as always, we encourage our readers to search beyond the big names and bestsellers. Happy Pride and Happy Reading!
Otherwise Perfect by Jenna Hughes
Grab a box of tissues and cancel your weekend plans because. Otherwise Perfect is a contemporary story that tackles themes of sexuality and mental health with heartbreaking accuracy. 
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Shiva XIV by Lyra Shanti
Shiva XIV is a space fantasy with worlds as vibrant and full of exciting intrigue as anything Star Wars has given us, but with the one thing the popular franchise has been woefully missing: a sexually diverse cast of characters.
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Rising from …

Bookworms Recommend: Humorous Speculative Reads for May

It's no secret that the Bookworms Discover team skews towards science fiction and fantasy reads, but we're also fans of humor (as evidenced by the fact that we're humor authors as well). Humorous sci-fi and fantasy books usually fall into two categories: wildly popular classics and completely obscure unknowns that you've never heard of. Obviously, we're more interested in the latter. Below are four books, all of which would have been captivating stories if they'd chosen a 100% serious approach to speculative storytelling, but thanks to the addition of a humorous element, are all stand-out tales that we feel deserve more attention.
Nica of Los Angeles by Sue Perry

Sentient buildings, untrustworthy clouds, and one very restless woman who decides to become a private eye makes for a rather entertaining book. In fact, I considered posting last month with the genre mashups, but the quirky, offbeat humor that runs through the story made it a much better candidate for…

Bookworms Recommend: April's Indescribable Reads

Hello and welcome to the first issue of Bookworms Recommend, our series of monthly book recommendations. Every month, we'll highlight a set of books within a similar theme. All of the books presented have been discovered, read, and highly rated by a member of the Bookworms Discover team or a guest contributor (we will always disclose which books have been rated by guests). If you've read an indie book that you feel deserves more attention than it's getting, let us know and we may feature your suggestion. In the interest of providing honest recommendations, we do not accept recommendations by authors for their own books, nor will we accept payment/barter/incentive in exchange for publicity. We only wish to highlight books that we truly believe deserve more recognition than they are getting.

We've decided to begin our series by highlighting the books that exemplify what makes independent publishing stand out from the crowd. Being able to write and publish a unique tale …
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