Your February Free Books

Hello Bookworms,
Over the past year, we have tried to bring you a range of free books in many genres. Originally, we intended to put a cap of 30 books per month, however, author participation has been low. As such, this post will be the last free book post that we'll be sending out. In the coming week, we'll make a new post in which we'll lay out what (if anything) we intend to do with the site. Thank you for the past year, and we do hope you've found some new favorite books. Happy reading, Booker T Worm & the Bookworms Discover Team
Please note that while we have done our best to ensure all of the books below were listed as free at the time of publishing, we know things change and sometimes circumstances beyond our control may occur. Please check to make sure the retail price reads $0.00 before clicking "buy" (on Amazon, this is different from the Kindle Unlimited price).
Remember: many of this deal are for a limited time and some may only be available today…

Welcome To The Bookworms Discover Year End Extravaganga!

To celebrate the close of our first year of operation, we're throwing a 4 day bookworm party! Below you'll find free books and a few 99¢ titles from some of the authors we've featured this year. Bookworms Discover is still a very small operation, but over the last year, with your help, we've introduced readers to new authors and we hope to continue to do this in 2019. This event is our thank you for helping us grow. Unless indicated otherwise, these deals will be available through Sunday, December 9th. As always, circumstances beyond our control may arise. Please check the pricing on the merchant's page before clicking buy.
Bea Cannon

Boucher's World: Emergent FREE
AMAZON (All Markets)Kobo
Boucher's World: Transformation 99¢
AMAZON (All Markets)Kobo
Interruptions FREE
AMAZON (All Markets)Kobo
Turner: Bitter Change 99¢
AMAZON (All Markets)Kobo
Connect with Bea:

CB Archer

Need for Seed: Gertrude's Tale 99¢
AMAZON (All Markets)
available …

Thank You For A Great First Year

We can't believe 2018 is already almost over! The last 11 months have been great. We discovered some new authors and gained a few new readers along the way. Next week will be the last post of the year and as a thank you, we decided to go out with a bang. Instead of our usual one day free book post, we're hosting a 4 day event featuring a total of 41 free and 99¢ books. 
We're asking everyone to mark their calendars and if you know anyone who loves reading as much as we do, please spread the word to them!
In 2019 we're hoping to attract even more authors and reach more readers, and we hope this event helps us achieve both goals. 
Thank you for joining Bookworms Discover on our maiden voyage and we hope to see you next week!
Your pal, Booker T Worm
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