We're Looking for a Few Good Bookworms

Hello and welcome to Bookworms Discover, a new and unique indie book promotion site that will officially launch in January of 2018.

What makes us unique? Well for starters, Bookworms discover will only feature free books by up and coming indie authors who might not be on your radar yet, and we’ll only feature up to 30 titles on the first Thursday of each month as not to overwhelm readers. And that’s basically it! Well, that's the short version at least. For a more in-depth look at who we are, how this works, and what we’re hoping to accomplish, check out our For Readers and For Authors pages.

We realize, of course, that January is a long way off, but we have a very good reason for getting an early start: We're looking for you! The readers!

We’re looking for bookworms with broad tastes and a voracious appetite who are genuinely interested in discovering new titles. We're looking for open minded individuals who want to read more than just today's bestsellers. Our hope is…

November New Release-A-Palooza is HERE!

Are you ready for something new?  Winter is coming (for those of you in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere at least) and that means time to cozy up with a good book! The Bookworm team has begun accepting submissions for our official launch in January. We can't wait to bring you 30 exciting titles each month! But that's still two months away. So for now, we're giving you a whole month of new releases in a variety of genres. Each title below is listed in the order of release date, along with any extra information (such as giveaways, FREE titles, or launch party events). Mark your calendars and do help us spread the word! And of course, don't forget to subscribe so that we can bring your 30 free books directly to your inbox each month!
November 1st Dying for a Poppy E.M. Swift-Hook & Jane Jago Available now for $1.49 Previous books in series are just 99¢
November 1st Shine On You Crazy Junkie Susan Segovia-Munoz Available on November 1st for $4.99 Sweet Melissa …

Are you Ready for OZtober?

Calling all sci-fi and fantasy fans! As promised, here is your bonus October book event! OZtober is a celebration of authors in the fantastical genres who hail from Australia. This one has Indies and traditionally published authors alike. Visit: and snag some fantastic deals!
Now, as promised last week, we have tallied the votes and can  now announce the name of our worm: The winner is Booker T Worm! Thanks to everyone who voted! Our next event is the November New Release-A-Palooza, so get ready! And Thanks again for your support of indie authors!

#SIAFBB's FREEDAY THE 13TH IS HERE! Come get your FREE and 99 cent books!

Hello Bookworms! Happy Friday the 13th to you all! As promised, the Bookworms Discover Team will be sharing some promotional events in the lead up to our first official post in January. Today is the Support for Indie Authors Free and Bargain Book Event:

Hop on over to for a whopping 70 free and 99 cent books! All titles featured in this event are available on Amazon in the Kindle format. As always, check the price before you buy because sometimes errors happen and some deals may not be available in all markets. 
Also, thank you all for the great response in voting for a bookworm name. We were going to do a second round of voting, but it looks like one name is currently leading the pack. We'll leave voting open for now and next week, when we share with you the OZtober showcase event, we'll also announce the name of our mascot. 
In the meantime, go grab up those FREEDAY THE 13TH deals and feel free to share with us in the comments which boo…
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